Our Team

We are a team dedicated to creating magic .

Cassandra Owner/Performer


Cassandra is a teacher, former Scout leader, trained actor, and costume creator. She began performing as, and creating princess parties in 2013. It is her mission to provide truly unique and engaging events. Cassandra teaches music and art, and she strives to instill virtues in others by setting a positive example. As former Miss Teen Maple Ridge-World and Miss BC Congeniality, she was destined to be a princess and couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of Out of the Rain. Her charity of choice is the BC Cancer Foundation.

Kate Performer

Kate Headshot.jpg

Kate is an incredible up and coming talent. She is trained in voice, stage, and ballet. She has been Daniella (In the Heights),  Dorothy (Wizard of Oz), as well as several short film roles. Kate is a truly passionate actor with a kind heart. Sleeping Beauty is one of her favourite princesses.

Bella Performer


Bella is perhaps the biggest Disney fan on the team! She is a true ray of sunshine.  A truly detail-orientated individual, Bella has extensive experience in customer service, both in front, and behind the scenes. She has the biggest heart and an even bigger smile. Rapunzel, the Little Mermaid, and the Snow Queen are a few of her favourite princesses.  Bella speaks fluent Romanian and conversational French.  You can most often see her with Snow White and the Snow Princess.

Jen Mascot Performer

Jen Headshot.jpg

Jen as been high energy, with loads of enthusiasm all her life and has started channeling it into mascotting this past year. Her first character performance was as an elf for the big guy himself, Santa Claus.  She discovered that mascoting was her calling while volunteering at various community events. Jen loves suiting up and seeing the childrens' faces light up when they see their favourite character walk into the room. She loves how everytime she works as a mascot, it's a party-she gets to dance and play with the kids! Her secret? She smiles for photos even when in a mascot costume even though no one can see.

Danielle Performer


Danielle is one of a kind. Her voice could give you chills. Danielle is a triple threat! She danced previously with the BC Felions and currently sings with Wings Vocal Collective. She is an outstanding team member who is incredibly down to earth! She enjoys spending time with the Arabian and Island Princesses.

Damon Performer

Damon Headshot.jpg

Damon is a director, dancer, teacher and choreographer. He has worked on too many productions to name and played many roles. He currently teaches children musical theatre in addition to playing our Pup Buddy, Pirate, and various heroes.

Alex T. Performer

Alex T. Headshot.jpg

Alex has been dancing since she was little and singing almost as long. She has worked with children on multiple continents, including Australia, China, and Tanzania, East Africa. She is a versatile performer and works with at risk youth during the weekdays. Alex is a true role model of what it means to be an empowered female, performer, and leader in today's world.

Kris Performer


Her background includes acting and singing for seven seasons in Christmas Dessert Theatre, as well as The Sound of Music, Anne of Green Gables, and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. She has performed lead vocals and drums in a Country and Western band, participates in an improv group, and enjoys choral group appearances with Young People’s Opera Society, Surrey Sings!, and Incanto.

Charles Performer

charles 2.jpg

Mysterious and a bit of secret hero, Charles is Bat Man personified. Charles is an actor and cosplayer. He has an impressive baritone that you have to hear to believe. One handed push-ups? No big deal. Charles can be booked as Spidey, Bat Man, Prince Eric, or a Pirate.

Kirsten Owner/Performer


Singing, Acting and Music in general has always been very near and dear to Kirsten’s heart. She was singing before she could even talk. 

Kirsten attended Nimbus School of Fine Arts and received her certificate in sound engineering. She has also engaged in local community theatre and even landed a role as her favorite heroine Belle. Kirsten has performed in venues and casinos all throughout Vancouver as a backup singer in a Blues/Rock Band. It was at this time, when she honed in on her abilities. When Kirsten was 19, she won a local karaoke competition and moved on to compete provincially. She then competed nationally and became the first “Canadian Karaoke Champion” Kirsten represented Canada in the “World Karaoke Championships” held in Russia Moscow. After her successful trip to Moscow, Kirsten began teaching vocal lessons to children. It was at this time she knew she loved working with kids. She started singing in a group called “The Sweet Flirtations, opening for “Shawn Klush,” World renowned Elvis tribute artist and sang backup. She performed at the Okanagan Events Centre in front of 20 000 people. She took some time away from the music scene to write songs, and focus on vocal coaching her students. In 2015 She auditioned for a local musical and landed the lead role of “Truly” from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. She started doing more productions with a theatre company called “Theatre in the Country” and realized what a true passion she had for character performing. During this time Kirsten started working as a veterinarian technician in a local Animal Hospital as her other true passion is helping animals. In 2016 Kirsten started her first princess business after being Belle at a friend's daughter’s birthday. In 2017, Kirsten was fortunate enough to co-write and record a song that was released on the radio, nation-wide. This was Kirsten’s dream come true since she was a little girl. But nothing made her happier then creating a positive memory for a child that will last for a lifetime. Nothing is a greater gift than seeing a child’s face light up into a big smile. Kirsten joined forces with Cassandra in 2018 and together they created Out of the Rain Character Events.

Mariko Performer

Mariko Zamani Headshot 1.jpg

Mariko Zamani has enjoyed singing and performing since she was little.  She has always loved classic fairy tales, and admired the kind and honest nature of the princesses and heroes. She lives by the motto that smiles are free, and always aims to serve others with unexpected magical moments and experiences, with hopes of making their day just a little bit brighter! Mariko works full-time with a renowned National Youth organization, and also teaches improv. acting to Elementary School students weekly with a Youth Theatre Group.  She is a working Actor in the industry, and a former Graduate of the Douglas College Theatre Program, where she was the recipient of the Dorothy Jones Scholarship recognizing her strengths in performing as part of an ensemble cast.  She can't wait to bring your child's favorite characters to life, with some sparkle and a little bit of extra magic Pixie dust for their upcoming special celebration!

Jocelyn Performer

Jocelyn Tsui.jpg

Jocelyn is a recent graduate of Capilano University’s Musical Theatre Program and an avid Disney fan. A
trained singer, dancer, actress, and pianist, Jocelyn has worked with several Vancouver theatre
companies, as well as the Charlottetown Festival in PEI. She currently teaches at the Lindbjerg Academy
of Performing Arts, when she trained for ten years as a child. Jocelyn is thrilled to be a part of such a
magical company!

Maria Performer/Face Painter


An upcoming Theatre Performance graduate of SFU's School for the Contemporary Arts; Maria is an actor, artist, and children's entertainer with experience in both musical and experimental theatre and film. She most recently performed in the acclaimed short film Virgo Rising and Theatrical productions include The Little Mermaid (Rainforest Theatre), The Bald Soprano (SFU), and The Black Hole (Evergreen Cultural Centre). Maria, spends time with the Island Princess and is a very talented face painter.

Emma F. Performer

Emma F.jpg

A professional mermaid and actress, Emma is a talented individual. She has studied at Vancovuer Film School and is always endeavoring on new, creative projects. She has her own youtube channel and is often working on set. She truly understand what it takes to be behind and in front of the camera. She also cares for an array of animals, including bearded dragons, guinea pigs, fish, cats, and more!

Tessa Performer


Tessa is a trained singer and youth advocate. She has been speaking on behalf of youth with allergies for over 13 years. Currently, she is a student at Simon Fraser University. You can book her as: Beauty, Snow Princess, Rapunzel, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, a Pony Girl, Monster Girl, an elf, and more!

Patrick Performer

patrick headshot.jpg

Patrick is truly a master of his vocation. He is both a professional stage and film actor. He has experience in martial arts, dance, and fighting. Patrick studied at Langley Fine Arts, before pursuing professional film and theatre.  He has been in numerous productions including, Grease, and The Grand. He has limited availability, so please request Patrick in advance.

Veronica Performer/Photographer

veronica 1.jpg
Veronica is truly, the Little Mermaid personified. She is a talented sing, actor, and a photographer. Veronica has been "princessing" for over two years. 
To request her, contact us today.
Cassandra- Owner/Performer